Q. How do I create an account?
A. To create an account, go to www.ild.solavei.com and click the Sign Up tab located under the Solavei logo. Follow the instructions and click Create Account.

Q. How Can I login in to my Solavei ILD account?
A.Visit ild.solavei.com and log in using your username and passcode. Your password was sent to your phone via text message when you registered.

Q. How do I update my account information?
A. Log into your Solavei ILD account

  1. Click Profile
  2. Click the Edit Profile button
  3. Edit your information
  4. Click Update

Q: How do I add additional phone numbers to my account?
A. Log into your Solavei ILD account.

  1. Click the Main tab.
  2. Click Add Registered # in the Registered Numbers section to add up to nine additional phone numbers to your account.

Solavei International Long Distance is a great prepaid add-on to Solavei Mobile Service that lets members call landline and mobile numbers in more than 200 countries at competitive rates by purchasing minutes in $10 increments. Solavei Mobile Service also includes unlimited international texting and MMS picture message at no additional charge!

Q. Are there any Unlimited International Long Distance Calling Plans available?
A. Yes, we have 4 Unlimited ILD plans available from $10 - $15. See the plans available at www.ild.solavei.com/unlimited/destinations

Q. Does the $5 plan include unlimited minutes?
A. The $5 plan includes 100 minutes to the Dominican Republic landline and cellular numbers, but no unlimited calling.

Q. What is the difference between the Unlimited Calling Plans?
A. All of the unlimited plans have unlimited calling to 80 destinations. They differ in the additional minutes they provide outside of those destinations. For more plan details, visit our support site.

Q. Is there any contract for the Unlimited ILD plans?
A. No, there is no contract when purchasing the Unlimited ILD Calling Plans. You can cancel your Unlimited ILDcalling plan at anytime.

Q. Does my Unlimited ILD calling plan automatically renew each month?
A. Once you add a plan to your account, you can click the Enabil Subscription option to renew automatically every 30 days.

Q. If I am on a Pay-As-You-Go ILD Plan today, how do I change to an Unlimited ILD Plan?
A. You can update your ILD Calling Plan by accessing your account at ild.solavei.com. Click the Add Unlimited Calling button at the bottom of your account tab.

Q. Why are mobile calling minutes not unlimited in some of the Unlimited ILD Plans?
A. Some countries have a different rate for calling cell phones than local landlines. These rates can vary based on the local companies or government regulations. Our unlimited plans are designed to provide you the best calling prices available.

Q. In the Unlimited ILD Calling Plans, why are some cities not included for unlimited calling?
A. Due to the structure of some countries, the local phone carriers charge more for calls to certain cities. As a result, the price to specific cities, or mobile carriers may be too costly to include in an unlimited plan.

Q. Does the $10 plan with Dominican Republic cell minutes include unlimited calling to DR landlines as well?
A. No. The Dominican Republic is not included in the 80 countries. For unlimited calling to Dominican Republic landlines, please select the $15 plan.

Q. I’m on one of the unlimited plans or the $5 Dominican Republic minutes plan and I want to choose another option, when can I do so?
A. You can switch to a different calling plan when your current one expires (30 days). Until that time, if you need to make calls to areas not covered on your current plan, pay-as-you-go minutes are available.

Q. What happens if I run out of Mexico or Dominican Republic calling minutes on my Unlimited ILD Calling Plan?
A. You can use the Pay-As-You-Go option by adding money to your account. You will also still have unlimited calling to the destinations covered by your unlimited plan through the end of your 30-day period.

Q. What happens to my Mexico or Dominican Republic calling minutes on my Unlimited ILD Calling Plan if I don’t use them?
A.The minutes expire at the end of your current 30-day period. They do not carry over.

Q. How do I make calls to Dominican Republic cellular numbers on the $15 plan?
A. Setup the Pay-As-You-Go option by adding money to your account with the “Add Funds” button. The calls you make will be at the discounted rate that goes with your unlimited plan.

Q. Does my Unlimited ILD calling plan automatically renew each month?
A. You have the option to set up your ILD plan to automatically renew when it expires every 30 days. Log in to ild.solavei.com, scroll down to the unlimited section and click the “Enable Subscription” button.

Q. What is included in “Unlimited” International Calling?
A. Unlimited international long distance includes unlimited minutes to as many as 10 unique destination numbers during each 30-day Unlimited cycle.  Unlimited plans are designed for personal use and are subject to terms and conditions to prevent improper or excessive use that could have a negative effect on the mobile service network, see https://ild.solavei.com/support/terms.

Q. What is the rate per minute to the country I call?
A. For Pay-As-You-Go rates, see the “Pay as You Go ILD Rates link at the top of ild.solavei.com.

Q. Which access number should I use?
A. You can use the access number (302) 394-0095 from any phone. If you are not using your Solavei phone when calling, make sure your provider does not charge you long distance for dialing this number.  Unlimited calling plans are only available via your Solavei mobile device.

Q. If I add funds to my ILD account, will my funds ever expire?
A. All funds are available for up to 180 days after last usage or last recharge unless your service is suspended. If your service is suspended, all funds are available for up to 31 days after the last usage. Unlimited plans expire 30 days after purchase.

Q: Why was my credit card declined?
A. A couple of reasons your credit card may declined are:

  • Your credit card on file may have expired or have insufficient available balance.
  • The billing address you provided may not match the billing address on file with your credit card company.

Please review your credit card and personal information to ensure all information is accurate and try your order again. If you are still not successful, please call your credit card company’s customer service.

Q: Can I safely enter my credit card number on your website?
A. Yes, all of our members’ personal information is stored safely behind our firewall and all online transactions are handled with the highest level of security. We incorporate Microsoft SSL (Security Socket Layer) into our website and employ the latest encryption technology to prevent our members’ information from being intercepted.

Q: How are the countries in the unlimited calling plans selected?
A. Countries in the unlimited calling plans are selected based on our internal cost of delivering the call to that location. We include as many countries as possible for each of the unlimited calling plan price points.